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Catholic Libertarianism

Expect this to be updated just an outline for now

  • A man has to have a code. But few ever write it down. Free to choose. Xavarian Brothers . My parents
  • What Catholicism get right.
    • Other People are important. Altruism matter. 
    • All are welcome we are all people.  Even if you don’t like other people.
  • What Ayn Rand got wrong. 
  • Hierarchy and Control vs Tradition. 
  • Coercing other people is not virtue. Signal vs action. 
  • Markets enable people. Free to choose. Growth. Outcomes matter. Children and the future matter. Work matters.
  • Wealth is not the enemy but consumption is should be taxed.  Inheiretance tax.
  • All part of gods plan vs The random sputtering of a pointless universe.
  • Future things to talk on: Pascifism, Homosexuality, Women Clergy