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Zelda Breathe of the wild is pretty easily the best game I have ever played. It’s super open and has almost no rules. I ran around for the first hour without a shirt or pants. I saw a dragon fly into a mountain sunset. There’s an unlimited number of things to do (though maybe there’s not enough types of monsters to smite).

However I will probably stop playing video games for several years now. After shooting down giant pig gannon there’s just an emptiness. Where did the last two months go? What have I learned? What have I made? It is a solitary game so I have no better friendship. I’ve climbed no real mountains.

Isn’t that no worse than reading scifi/fantasy? That’s a fair argument. I would push that the best scifi changes how you think about something:

  • Cixin Liu - Fermi’s paradox.
  • Heinlen - Libertarianism.
  • Neil Stephenson -Cryptocurrencies, Extnction Events

Even the more mediore stuff is at least a story you could probably recount. Under the open world and heroic fights the zelda story is emo princess gets frustrated but discovers magic whe the robots are about to win?

Yeah I think I’ll go back to mario kart and hearthstone. Least those only take 10 minutes a pop.