Site Name

A CI/CD we can believe in

Here to Help not to Hinder.

Should be Faster than local and Encourage rapid iteration.

Autocomplete and hope considered harmful.

  • Changes goto master in the middle of the night.
  • Higher chance of resolve conflicts.
  • PR Rot / comment angst / change averersion.

Awesomely awful agents

BuildTracker / Jenkins / Vsts agents

  • I have some machines.
  • Give me a script to run
  • I’ll try and clean up.
  • If I’m awesome I’ll do some caching

I can do anything! Oh no so can anyone else!

  • base image bloat / install
  • the sleep 100 task.
  • What size should these agents be?
  • How much parallelism is allowed?

A Common Tragedy

  • Searchgold hilarity.
  • Artificial limits
  • Best of intentions.
  • Large organization fun.

A private pool

Paul doesn’t really want to run a build lab. But here we ares. Vm’s are so 2011 lets use k8/docker

  • Base image
  • Yaml
  • Stateful vs stateless. (liveness probe)
  • Autoscaling / Sizing.
  • Pat Secret
  • Indrection
  • Health checks?

A yaml aside

  • pipelines look pretty neat.
  • Nothing is hidden
  • Can change build/release atomically with change and put in pr
  • More secure/auditable / One branch overlap.
  • Waitin on approval tasks? Retries?

Agentless Tasks.

  • Been here before.
  • Total control
  • Limitless parallelism.
  • Agentless K8’s? Agentless docker build? Cloudbuild/test.