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Why Skiing

Today was Benji’s first ski lesson. He did great. Between lessons, rentals, two season passes it was a pretty expensive 2 hours of leisure. I have (or will have) other posts on the value of cheapness, and I’m pretty frugal with my other hobbies. So let me rationalize why I care about Skiing.

  • Outdoors are special. You will see views that will change you won’t see otherwise.
  • Seattle winters can be brutal. Snow is better than rain and you can maximimze the few hours of sunlight you get.
  • Skiing get exponentially more fun the better you get. Square miles open up and you can cover more territory in a day then you could in a month hiking. Going from groomers to trees is special type of magic.
  • Pretty decent workout.
  • Forced conversation with friends on the ski lift.
  • If you really do it right you end up in a hot tub with freinds and beers at a cabin with no phones.