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Bitcoin Selfdriving Bet

So back in the heady days of 2014 before I had one let alone two children Elliot being a sporting gentle man made a bet about self driving cars. Here is the text transcribed from whats app messages.

Elliot and i bet max(1 btc, $10k) that by december 2020 you can buy a self driving care for less that 100k or rent one to drive between our houses for $100. It was our current houses so 13612 se 20th st, bellevue for me and somewhere near I-5/south lake union for elliot?

10k is in 2014 dollars. If car is lease lease needs to be under what you would lease a 100k car for. Both of us put a bitcoin in a coinbase vault.

Also here is a hilarous email statement from dec 2014: “Clearly I’m just waiting for it hit it’s true bottom before I move 50% of my net worth into bitcoin.”

Update January 32020

Elliot generously and manfully paid up .3 bitcoin in the first week of january. While I mdade 10k elliot technically made more.

Tesla was the closest thing but it was too hard to get on their Beta at the time (might have to buy 20-50 model 3’s to get one).