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Sad Country Drinking songs

These are the sad ones. I’ll get to the fun ones later..

I remember the night she sat down beside me
She cried love was a ring that won’t end, well I was handed a lie
Now the only thing I know of a ring is the circle my glass leaves behind

Waltz about Whiskey - Mandolin Orange

Looking at the world throught the bottom of a glass.
All I see is a man who’s fading fast.

Misery And Gin - Merle Haggard

There stands the glass
That will ease all my pain
That will settle my brain
It’s my first one today

There stands the glass - Best of Webb Pierce

And the car in the lane next to me was driven by a little boy
And he flashed a smile at me then he drove straight off the road
Smacked an overpass, I watched his car explode
And when she wakes me from my delirium
I know I’m no longer fun
For her

Lumberlung - Slobberbone

Whiskey bottle over Jesus
Not forever, just for now

Whiskey Bottle - Uncle Tupelo

If I make it through this year, I think I’m gonna put this bottle down
Maybe as time goes on I’ll learn to miss it less than I do now

Whiskey without women - Drive by truckers

And the beer I had for breakfast
wasn’t bad so I had one more for desert

Sunday Morning coming down - Johnny Cash

Keep the glass, hand me the bottle
I’m on that highway to hell, full throttle

Me the Whiskey - Whitey Moragn and the 78’s

I told him, I ain’t drunk
Hell, I’ve just been drinkin’
I started five in the afternoon
Lord, about three days ago

I ain’t drunk - Whitey Morgan

How can you think like you think
And turn around and drink like you drink?
You can barely stand up when you kneel down to pray

Think like you think - Cody Jinks

Last week he spent his whole paycheck on whiskey
I know Friday night he’ll do it all again
Oh he’ll drink till he falls down then he’ll order one more round
And then go home with that bottle in his hand

This Bottle in my hand - David Allan Coe

More to come….