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wierd dream

Need to make an animated short.

Scene: 3 friends having fun. Two cute anime characters and a robot. Fun is something like a rollercoaster but type is unimportant. Boy character and squeals with delight, but girl character gives a condescending smile and shake her head. Fun ends.

As they exit fun they are deluged with treats from the sky . Watermelon, ice cream as such that seem to fling themselves into their mouths. The boy partakes but the girl shouts. Remove the pacifier!

cut scene

Two horrendous organic blobs in a state of decay and decrepitude attacked to a wretched machine by wires and feeding tubes. The one on the right spits free the tube and drools as alarms clang. Robot arms descend from ceiling and try and reinsert the tube. But the arms are distracted and the creature spits it out again and then vomits for a bloody mess and slumps as the machine flat lines.

Camera pans to the left where robot arms are too late to save the second creature who meets same fate with a sad whistful look. robot arms forlorn