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Finish the wonderland

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Apparently reservations are already full so we just have to do day of.

Trip Plan 1. (32 miles) (completionist)

  • Day 1: Longmire to Maple crek
  • Day 2: Maple Creek to Indian Bar
  • Day 3: Indian Bar to FryingPan Creek/Whiteriver (Lunch at summerland)

Trip Plan 2 (25 miles)

  • Day 1 : Reflection Lakes to Nikcel Creek
  • Day 2 : Nickel Creek to Summerland (or indian bar)
  • Day 3 : Summerland to White river.

Trip Plan 3 (18 miles) (we are old)

  • Day 1 : Box Canyon to Indian Bar. (maybe camp at maple creek the night before if we get in late)
  • Day 2 : Indian bar to FryingPan Creek/White river.


Trip plan 1 might be 4 days if we leave late on friday as opposed to early saturday. Plan 3 isn’t competiost but requires no time off theoretically. Favor Late August/Early Sept but flexible.

other options

Cooper Ridge: Cascade Pass to Stehekin: Timberline trail: