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Diogenes. Original Troll

So Diogenes was great. Some qoutes.

  • Alexander found the philosopher looking attentively at a pile of human bones. Diogenes explained, “I am searching for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave.”

  • When asked how he wished to be buried, he left instructions to be thrown outside the city wall so wild animals could feast on his body

  • On the indecency of his masturbating in public he would say, “If only it were as easy to banish hunger by rubbing my belly.”

  • Someone took him [Diogenes] into a magnificent house and warned him not to spit, whereupon, having cleared his throat, he spat into the man’s face, being unable, he said, to find a meaner receptacle.

  • What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.

  • Plato gave the tongue-in-cheek[26] definition of man as “featherless bipeds,” Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato’s Academy, saying, “Behold! I’ve brought you a man,”

  • Plato: My good Diogenes, if you knew how to pay court to Dionysius, you wouldn’t have to wash vegetables.” “ Diogentes: If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn’t have to pay court to Dionysius.”

  • Carried around a lamp at daytime claiming to be looking for an honest man. Diogenes