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Lesser Known Romans


During the conduct of the war, Manlius and his co-consul, Publius Decius Mus, decided that the old military discipline would be reinstated, and no man was allowed to leave his post, under penalty of death. Manlius’s son, seeing an opportunity for glory, forgot this stricture, left his post with his friends, and defeated several Latin skirmishers in battle. Having the spoils brought to him, the father cried out in a loud voice and called the legion to assemble. Berating his son, he then handed him over for execution to the horror of all his men. Thus, “Manlian discipline.”


Wins a bunch of wars. They kick him out of Rome. Gauls come in and take the whole city except the citadel. Camillus throws together an army and takes back the City.


King is so embarrassed/impressed by her virtue. Rapes her. She demands vengance and kills herself in front of her husband and Father. Rome gets rid of it’s king for a couple 100 years. Republic! Thanks Lucretia.


This guy Appius Cluadius that writes a bunch of roman laws decides he can just steal Vergenia and claim her as a slave. Her father decides this is bullshit and murders her rather than see her become a slave. Appius gets overthrown. Thanks Vergenia? Rome was not a nice place to be a lady.