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Pence and Mens Lizard brains.

So the #MeToo movement in 2018 has been great not just because more woman have found a voice but because some real scumbags got their just desserts. However we still think about this problem in strange ways. Clearly saying the right things and supporting the right cuases are not enough. Witness Lauer, Weinstein and the NY District Attorney. This is not to ignore people like Roger Ailes and O’Reilly of fox news but it seems like the more common denominator is power and men.

I find it amusing then that so then that in 2016/17 much fun was made of Mike Pence having a rule not to meet alone with a woman. To be sure there is plenty risible about mike pence as most politicians but I didn’t find this one of them. Most men find women attractive and tempting an their lizard brain is constantly evaluating them. Self control is good but maybe a safety isn’t a bad idea. Love does not preclude tempation. There are real problems of this restricing women access to the backdoors of power. Maybe companies can just hire Nuns to hang out with their executives and power wielders.