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Been very happy with whay you can do with a cell phone camera and Microsoft ICE

  • Estes Park. Somebodies Wedding
    nice pond
  • Wine Tasting in Chelan
    still smoke
  • Chelan Cannonballs
    giant swing
  • Red Pass PCT
    all down hill from here
  • Snoqualmie East
    secretly good
  • North of Glacier Peak
    pointy hill
  • Rainer from sunrise
    don't even have to walk
  • Glaciers on Rainer
    carve the mountain
  • Valleys on rainer
  • Cloudy before sunrise
    coming at sunrise from the north.
  • More wonderland grey
    grey grey grey
  • 7th Heaven
    just have to get down
  • Stevens??
  • Lopez inlet
    turquoise blue
  • Lopez Island State park
    grass and sea and mountains
  • Crystal Lake
    not that cold
  • Pan handle gap
    wanted to keep going
  • Summmerland