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Things we should tax.

Should be taxed

Things that don’t really contribute to society but seem to make alot of money.


By percentage of alchohol. Session beers should be cheap. Vodka expensive.

Video games, Movies, TV and Music?

Progressively taxed once a certain number of people see them? Ballet gets a pass but mission impossible XL and Boy Bands gets hefty tax? Maybe we should even tax video games by avg hours played.

Real estate.

sq land / people inhabiting. Obviously different in different locales. But zuckerberg and tech titans should pay out the wazoo for big places in the valley. Second houses obviously again excepting areas that want people. Empty land even higher tax.


Still a pretty good proxy for miles driven and carbon pollution. Carbon should be taxed in a revenue neuteral way.


Nobody likes that you cut off your muffler.

Contracts/Patents shoudl be taxed by complexity.


Cars, Clothes, Materials, IPhones. Burn Gucci and Apple. Could be a general progressive consuption tax.

art shoumd be taxed over a certain value if not publicaly viewable some portion of thr year.

Maybe sugar?

Are we certain this isn’t a fad too?

Policital donations, advertising and Lobbying.

I mean this crap is going to happen least we should get a cut.

Shouldn’t be taxed.

Income & capital gains.

Maybe non signaling learning

Tax exempt and maybe shouldn’t be.

Chuches real estate in downtown without a certin parishioner level.