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I watched a bourbon documentary. Moslty is was crap but I enjoyed the guy from buffalo trace immensley. Especially the story about his dad. He was enjoying some rare bottle with his brother and dad that they’d dug out and went to close it up. His dad chewed him out to never close a bottle before guests left. You never know when you’ll get to share a drink with them again. His dad died a month later.


  • 1792 (Ridgemont reserve)
  • Woodford’s
  • Maker’s 46
  • Jim Beam Black - amazing for its price point


Weller and Pappy van winkle are hard to find but here these are pretty close. Technically two of these aren’t bourbons

  • Larceny
  • Wyoming Whiskey
  • Bernheim wheat whiskey.

Other good choices

  • Old Forresters bottled in bond/1870
  • Bulleit - if you want a kick in the teeth
  • Elijah Craig
  • Russels Reserve (expensive)


  • Bookers
  • Blantons
  • Redemption