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Wrestling stories.

Writing these down.

Russ Hellickson

  • Roomed with Gable during the 70’s olympics. Gable won gold and Hellickson was dissapointed with silver. Hellickson was moping in his room they day after and Gable came back into the room from a run in full sweats. He sat there counting the drops of sweat from his nose (which is how he could tell how much weight he was losing). Hellickson asked, “Dan what the hell are you doing?” Dan answered “Preparing for the next olmpics”
  • Trading for the next olmpics Hellickson decided to carry boundlers across a field and cut up his arms pretty good.


  • Brands Twins (Tom is now coaching at iowa) used to destroy their hotel rooms fightin on trips. I was once taking a nap and one of the brands grabbed me. I thought I was going to die but he gave me a back rub.
  • I once saw an all american from ohio state take down a high school kid using only his feet, hands behind his back)
  • Some old wrestler at the NCAA championships crushed apple with his bare hands.