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Rodgers covid

Rodgers Covid Rough notes for now. Will try and clean up later.

Didn’t lie. Can we acknowledge you obfusicated? Reporters sat on it?

Witchhunt. Woke mob. Cancel society.

No one says you have to do somethign there were seperte rules for non vacinated.

Vague assertions about fraud and criminal activities and fraud.

Allergic to one of the mrna ingredients but doesn’t say what. J&J clotting issues!!! Argh!!! Numerous issues to this day.

Doesn’t name doctor or protocol.

Draconian measures and protocol. It’s been around for centuries.

Some other doctor claimed it was impossible to get or spread covid while vaccinated. IN general very angry that vaccine is being made out to be perfect is isn’t true but

“I made the decision that was in my best interest”

Sterity / Fertility.

Test every single day. Felt that was unfair. Felt it was shaming rather than science

Can I ask some questions.

Doing what joe rogan did. How’s that for your fertility. Ivermectin. Monocolonial antibodies. Zinc. ARGH!!!

I’m going to have the best immunity.

Challenging the stooge but not saying how he challenged him.

Homeopathic! No money in healing people. Argh!!! Harvard MDs. Not saying anything.

AJ hawk getting schedule wrong.

Getting covid and getting over it is the best. Fine do that insolation before the season.

Billiosn of dollars for pharmecueticals companies. Ivermectin is generic so nobody can make any money off of it.

Accuses others of living in an echo chamber