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Vaccine Maximalism

I a extemely pro vaccine so I thought I should write down why as a starting point for anyone that cares

Your Health

All three vaccines are exteremly effective by historical standards where 70% is really really good.

At this point milions of people have gotten it and you are way more likely to die by lightning than have any major reaction.

Aren’t these vaccines new/untried.

You know what’s also new and untried? Corona virus. There’s a good chance some bad safety procedures leaked this out of a us-funded china lab, where they were intentionally trying to make a more dangerous virus to study.

Pfizer and Moderna are new in that they use rna and get you get your body to genrate virus. There are no theories as to why this is worse and your body uses rna in literally every cell.

If your still nervouse the johnson and johnson is a more traditional vaccine

But you can still get it.

Yes with the delta variant you can but your chance of being hospitalize approaches zero unless you are otherwise enfeebled. Since your symtoms are less ot goes to reason that you spread less even if not zero.

I’ll wait it out.

Sadly this shit isn’t going away. We lost that chance with the delta variant. I think this is just going to seasonal like the flue. If you’re vaccinated that means an occiasional cough sniffles. If your not your first might be your last. or you might be more likely


I don’t like the government or other people telling me what to do. But lockdowns and mask mandates are exactly what were going to get. masks stink and are way less proven than vaccines. vaccine protected bussiness events should unmask.


We should have done challenge trials back in late spring of 2020. By fall of 2020 the government should have basically have an open trial. Kids authoritzation shold have been immediately followed adults and left to peioatrician disgression