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No Direction Home

I watched No Direction home over a couple of days. It’s 4 hours but its great mostly because of the other artists you get to see/hear.

I was reminded to never meet your heroes. Like many artists, athletes, CEOs, he’s not necessarily a good person. See Michael Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, Jack Welch.

Dylan flaked on the Suze Rotolo and Joan Baez and the film doesn’t dwell on it. He also doesn’t really feel like he owes anything to the protest movement, civil rights movement after they pushed him forward. Asked if he’ll attend some vietnam protest he responds “nah I’m busy”. He just seems be a musical sponge who wants to make music and play with words.

On electrifcation it’s interesting how much people felt he owed them. Booing at concerts they paid to attend. Never saying “I didn’t like that as much”, but callign him hypocrite traitor sellout.

But the best part is dylan playing with the media.

  • A talk show host calls him a genius and dylan almost loses it laughing.
  • reporter: as a person over 30 I know you’re not into labels but could you label your self. Dylan: I’d label myself as well under 30 and trying to stay there as long as I can
  • reporter: “Of the lyrical vineyard you work, how many other artists consider them protest song-writers. dylan thinks for a while …. 134

    reporter: 134 about or precisely

    Dylan: it’s eiether 134 or 148.

  • reporter: do you view your self as a beatnik? dylan: I don’t know what yo you think about me?

    reporter: I don’t know I haven’t listed to your songs

    Dylan: You haven’t listed to my songs why the fuck are you asking me questions

  • reporter: can you suck on your glasses.

    Dylan considers it for a moment.. ah no… do you want to suck on my glasses?

    Hands glasses to reporter who proceeds to stick them in his mouth.

  • Dylan surronded by people taking is picture proceeds to take out a camera an snap pictures back