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Concert formulas

I have opinions about concerts.

                    Like of artist * # of Friends going * Outside/Festival 
 Worth going =   ---------------------------------------------------------------
                 Ticket Price * Size of Venue * Price of Beer * Artist Ubiquity

Why? I think he numerator is pretty un objectionable. Lets look at the denominator.

  • Artist Ubiquity is probably the weirdest term. I am using this as a combination of
    • saturation: is the music everywhere? have you already heard most of this? are there already multiple live albums
    • wealth: long popular artists are generally wealthy. Do you want to feed the hyper wealthy class and give them more power in the industry
    • ageism: I think artists like athletes (and the rest of us) have a peek and generally decline. The audience also skus older and is less rowdy.

    Some personal examples. Willie Nelson and Hank willams jr are both musicians i love but both have a discography a mile long, have multimillion dollar ranches and are pretty decrepit old dudes at this point. Put AC/DC in here (also bands with a dead member are weird… Syknyrd). George Straight is less extreame example who is still touring. Still kind of old and modeately wealthy but less shoved in your face. Obviously best to catch Lizzo right before she blows up but still fine to go see her at the height of her powers.

  • Stadiums are terible venues. Either you’re far away or they’re blasting you. Tractor tavern or sodo » Key arena & t-mobile park. Perhaps I’m just bitter because the reverb fo the alabama concert in cardinal stadium was so bad.
  • Price of beer is also a stand-in for crowd rowdy-ness mentioned earlier. Is the audience active or passive.
  • ticket price is pretty obvious. Goto 10 smaller ones. But I worry some become luxury goods where price actually increases demand.